Thursday, June 15, 2006

Yummy Food from the Past

So I'm craving a Ranch Hand from Burger West in Ontario, OR right now. Don't ask me why, but it is so good and I want to eat one for lunch, or brunch, as it is right now. It's like an old school, ma and pa type hamburger place that's mainly just a drive up box with tables outside for seating. But that ranch hand is so good!! And I want one! It's kind of like a Big Mac, but much better!

But if we're going to talk about all the yummy food from the past that I crave, the #1 spot for that has to be Pocatello, ID. There you can dine on pizza bombs from Goody's Deli, chinese food from Mandarin House, and at the end of the day, top it off with a huge ol' ice cream cone for a buck-o-five at Tasty Treat.

This is a pizza bomb:
You can put whatever you want in it, I prefer pepperoni, black olives and extra cheese. yes the extra cheese makes it that much better. But if you're into peppers, onions, sausage, whatever, it's the best of make your own pizza. And it's folded over on itself, similar to a calzone, but much much better. There's just something about it. Better than a calzone.
I wish I could have one now. Along with my Burger West Ranch Hand. The best thing about Goody's was that pizza bombs were only $2.25 on Mondays. And since they were right across the street from the west side of the ISU campus, and only about 2 blocks from my apartment it became a weekly ritual. These pictures were taken on my cell phone over last Christmas when I made my friends come to Goody's with me for pizza bombs. They still live in Pocatello so can have them whenever they want. I, unfortunately, get them only once a year, sometimes once every two years. It's very sad. I need to figure out a way for Goody's to freeze one and overnight it to me so I can cook it myself. There is just something about a Goody's pizza bomb that is so freaking good!! It might not even turn out the same if I try to cook one myself.

And now onto the chinese. This is honestly the best chinese I've ever had from this wonderful restaurant, the Mandarin House. It's the best sweet and sour sauce I think I've ever had, and the rice is good enough to eat by itself. It might be sad to say, but every chinese place I eat at gets compared to Mandarin House and always comes in lacking. Every time I go back to Poky to see college friends I have to have some. Last time I had Mandarin House twice and ate it on the drive from Pocatello to my parents house. So dang good!!

I tried to attach a pic of the yummy chinese food, but Blog is currently mad at me, so I had to do it a back door way. Yay for Flickr, the best picture back up!!
Chinese food yum


Princess Kristen said...

Is someone hungry?

Sarah Beth??? said...

you could say that!!

Michelle said...

I think of Palmers in Des Moines often....sigh.

Sarah Beth??? said...

Palmers was good, too! So was Plaza Mexico.