Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Destress... Destress...Destress

Regarding my stressful day, a wise man emailed me some good advice:
"Say your prayers and try standing up and walk and get some water or soda. Sometimes doing little things can help to break up the insanity!"
And so to break up the insanity, I'm doing some more blogging. It's a good way to be a little bit less stressed cause it's fun. The other thing that helps me be less stressed is an Oreo milkshake from Jack in the Box, but I'm saving that for a little while and will have it as a treat this afternoon. So in the meantime, I'm putting on more pictures.

This is at the St. Louis Arch looking over the Mississippi and into IL, taken about 3 years ago. I miss STL. At the time I was living there I would have preferred to stay for a little while longer. But , but things didn't work out that way. But in retrospect if I had stayed there I would have missed out on knowing some very important people who have become some of my closest friends. And I never would have met one boy in particular. Because our paths didn't cross in STL. So I'm glad I was able to live there for the time I was there, but as moving was how I was able to meet my boo, I'm glad I moved.

This was taken at the Grand Canyon last fall. We went to the South Rim and it was beautiful. I would like to go again and see it from the other side because I hear the North Rim is even more spectacular.

This was taken in Chicago from the Sears Tower in Jan 3 years ago. It was so dang cold when we were there!! I've got a pic somewhere of me and my friend Tara and all you can see are our eyes because we're wearing hoodies and scarves which cover most of our face. It's awesome.

This was at a pier in San Diego 2 years ago.

Another STL. Looking from the Arch across downtown. STL was great.


Well that's already made me feel better. Yay for pictures destressing.


BP said...

Those are cool pics! I have not been to STL in a while! I will probably be going back next year for a family renuion.

Sarah Beth??? said...

maybe you can go back to STL with me in Sept for Jake and Jaime's wedding on 9/6!!