Friday, December 21, 2007

I Heart DVR

So Dave and I saw I Am Legend and Awake last weekend. Both were aiight. Neither was fantastic. I didn't have too high of hopes for Awake, but I figured it would be alright and it was. I thought I Am Legend would be better. I didn't really like the ending. I was expecting more, honestly. So yeah, we paid money for those this weekend. But I saw a great movie for free this weekend, too.

I've been taking advantage of our DVR this week and have just been browsing through the guide to find stuff that I had heard of but had never seen, or had never heard of that looked interesting. Dave had to go to MO for a business trip and so I spent some time watching some random movies or tv shows that I had taped.

Some were ok, like this silly movie called Park about all these random people who wind up parked at this public park over looking LA and the things that happen to them there. The best part is when Ricki Lake and Cheri Oteri are beating the crap out of William Baldwin's SUV while wearing a Regis and he's cheating on Ricki Lake with Izabella Miko, who plays some foreign gal with a bad accent and she finally see's them (while William Baldwin is doing her doggy style) and says "Why is Regis Philbin attacking us?" that might be the funniest line in the movie. It was pretty silly with a few funny parts.

Anyway, I also started to wath Prairie Home Companion, and my rating is a big fat AWFUL. The only good part was the beginning cause they were representing Mickey's Diner in St. Paul, and we drive by there a lot, so that was fun. But the movie was bad, in my humble opinion. After the first 20 minutes straight I started fast forwarding to see if anything good happened, then I'd watch in random spots for a few minutes, and basically the show sucked. Don't bother!

Elizabethtown... started that, made it about 30 min in and just couldn't take it anymore and had to delete it.

But the best movie I saw for free was One Last Thing, which I thought was fantastic. Michael Angarano is a 16 year old kid who is dying from a terminal illness. He gets a chance to make a "wish" through a foundation that grants wishes for sick kids, and at the last minute he changes his wish from going fishing with his favorite football player to spending a weekend along with a super model played by Sunny Mabrey. Cynthia Nixon plays his mom who is struggling to come to terms with his end, which is rapidly drawing near. The acting was great. Mike Angarano was great and Cynthia Nixon was great. I almost wanted to go out and buy it so that they got money based on how great this movie was.

And this is the end of my movie reivew.