Friday, September 14, 2007

Save the Cheerleader, you know the rest

So Dave and I bought Heroes Season 1 so we could be caught up for season 2 coming out next week. We watched 6 episodes the first night (starting at 9pm Sunday) and finished this morning. We really liked it, although I was kind of miffed by the ending, because I was expecting more. It was somewhat anti-climactic because it led up to this potentially fantastic ending and then just like that!!! it was over. So yes, I was slightly disappointed. And honestly what role did Claire play in the end? Why did we save the cheerleader again?

There were many parts I really liked, for example Niki and Jessica (I really like Ali Larter in general... she's like the female equivalent of Kevin Bacon). I really liked the way she played opposite herself. And I loved Peter, although I wanted more from him at the end. I thought he was a great character.

Overall I liked the show and we're looking forward to the next season starting on the 21st. I hope they play up the character that Molly said is supposedly scarier than Sylar, who she can't think about cause he sees her. Was that a sneak peek into next season's villian? I hope so. But then again, blood going down to the manhole cover and no body for Sylar... maybe there will be a double villian.

So anyway, overall very good show. I'm glad that we saw the preview for it at the movie theater (normally I hate that) and that Dave was down with getting season one.

Random note, I just found out the next season of Project Runway premieres Nov 14. Very excited for that!