Monday, October 29, 2007

Some Random Pics

We haven't taken any pictures the last couple months, except the ones with the comics. So I'm putting some of my favorite ones from the last year on here.

A few of these are from some of our vacations, and I love the one with Dave sitting on the train steps. That was at the train station in Windsor, CT when we visited his parents in April. We're going there again for Christmas, so I'll get some more of the nice scenary covered in snow. I also threw in a few of the pics I took that I really love of locations, or inanimate objects. All that good stuff. But this first one is of us at Minnehaha Falls with Camille.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Is it too early for Christmas?

So yes, I know it's only Oct, and not even the very end of Oct, but Christmas is in the air for me. I'm so excited to decorate the house all Chrismasy, and I bought a tree last year the day after Christmas, so I'm excited to put the tree up. This will be the first time I've had a tree in a hella long time. I didn't have one in Des Moines or Phoenix, and can't remember if we had one in St. Louis. I'm excited to have one in the house this year, it will be Dave and my first tree together, because we didn't have one last year. I already have some decorations, and a nativity set and I'm going to wrap some garland around the stair rail. I'm just so excited!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Last Comic Standing

So Dave and I went to see the top 5 comedians from this year's Last Comic Standing. We didn't know who the top 5 were going to be when we bought the tickets, but we were very happy with who they turned out to be.

I only got a few pics of a couple of the comics as they were performing and then we took some pics after the show with them. Except for the chick, we didn't really like her too much.

The top 5:

Ralph Harris
Amy Schumer
Gerry Dee
LaVell Crawford
Jon Reep

We were laughing so hard! It was such a great show. Gerry Dee cracked us up. Ralph Harris was pretty funny too, but Gerry was so freaking funny. We didn't really care for Amy Schumer's stint. She had a pretty funny beginning but she got old pretty fast.

Then we were waiting for LaVelle Crawford. We were really happy to see him on Last Comic Standing this year, because we watch him on BET Comic View all the time and we really like him. So we were so excited that he was on Last Comic Standing, and very excited that he was in the top 5 so we'd see him live. He actually came in 2nd, to Jon Reep. He was the Hemi commercial guy. He was pretty funny, too.

Anyway, good times.
Here are some pics.

Ralph Harris

Gerry Dee

LaVelle Crawford

Dave and Gerry Dee

Dave and Jon Reep

Dave and LaVelle

Me and LaVelle

Me and Ralph

Dave and Ralph

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Princess Hoo

So my good friend Regina has started her own blog, and I'm so proud of her!!! I met her while living in St. Louis, while she and Tracy were both going to school for social work, and I was a bum and all I did was work. I was done with school when I got my bachelors, so no grad school for me. But they did grad school, and met at an internship. So then Regina stepped into our lives and pretty soon the three of us were roommates in STL. And I learned a bit about Regina. She is a girly girl!! With super cute hair, clothes, shoes, makeup... the works! And she liked very nice things, and our nice apartment, and drove a cute car and everything that you'd expect from a well dressed and sophisticated grad student. And she loved purses. So to hear about her life now I am still in complete shock and awe. She has done a 180 and went from a nice apartment and nice clothes and makeup and air conditioning to a grass hut, dirt floors and the heat of living in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. I posted a link to her blog, in case people are interested in reading about her. I'm hoping she posts pictures, cause it's always amazing to see her there. She's doing social work/missionary work and they've helped to create an orphanage and have raised money to bring supplies and assistance into the area. I'm proud of her and still can't get over the fact that this is the same girl!!!

I still crack up over some of the things we did when we were roommates. One thing I always laugh about is the fact that she took a picture of me one time when I had brushed out my curly hair and it was really big. She tricked me and took a picture of it and I was so mad at her, but it's all good. She's not the only one who's done that, thank you Michele in Las Vegas for never sharing that picture!!!!!!!!!! But we had fun. And we had good BBQs too. Tracy and Regina would cook some good food on the Wheel It and Grill It! I wish I had some pics to share of us as roommates to post. I'll have to track some down and post them later.

Anyway, Regina I'm proud of you for starting a blog so everyone can be up to date on the antics of Princess Hoo

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Step into a Slim Gym

That's the plan! Dave and I signed up for a gym membership at the YMCA. I haven’t really told anyone, especially not my family yet, because I'm hoping that there will be visible results that my family will notice at Thanksgiving. But since I only have 4 regular readers (including myself and Dave) I'm not too concerned about spilling the beans.

So at first I was pretty much against the idea of joining a gym. But Dave got all the details about the membership, what is included and the fact that if we go 12 times a month we can get a $20 reimbursement from our health insurance. So we joined last Saturday, with the start date of Oct 1. We went Monday night to have our initial appointment with our personal trainer. We’ll have 3 appointments with a trainer over the next 12 weeks and maybe will buy additional sessions after that. We're going again tonight and will do cardio with a focus on strength training.

So I've gone to the other side. I'm a worker outer.