Monday, October 15, 2007

Last Comic Standing

So Dave and I went to see the top 5 comedians from this year's Last Comic Standing. We didn't know who the top 5 were going to be when we bought the tickets, but we were very happy with who they turned out to be.

I only got a few pics of a couple of the comics as they were performing and then we took some pics after the show with them. Except for the chick, we didn't really like her too much.

The top 5:

Ralph Harris
Amy Schumer
Gerry Dee
LaVell Crawford
Jon Reep

We were laughing so hard! It was such a great show. Gerry Dee cracked us up. Ralph Harris was pretty funny too, but Gerry was so freaking funny. We didn't really care for Amy Schumer's stint. She had a pretty funny beginning but she got old pretty fast.

Then we were waiting for LaVelle Crawford. We were really happy to see him on Last Comic Standing this year, because we watch him on BET Comic View all the time and we really like him. So we were so excited that he was on Last Comic Standing, and very excited that he was in the top 5 so we'd see him live. He actually came in 2nd, to Jon Reep. He was the Hemi commercial guy. He was pretty funny, too.

Anyway, good times.
Here are some pics.

Ralph Harris

Gerry Dee

LaVelle Crawford

Dave and Gerry Dee

Dave and Jon Reep

Dave and LaVelle

Me and LaVelle

Me and Ralph

Dave and Ralph

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