Thursday, August 14, 2008

Friends, trips, pics

So last weekend I went down to Des Moines to visit some friends and had a great weekend. Dave wasn't able to go because he had a business trip that he didn't know about until 2 weeks before hand, and unfortunately it crossed paths with our planned trip. And since this trip hinged a little around Bella's 1st birthday party, I decided to stick with it. Not only the party, but Michele had already changed her plans a couple times and got work off becuase this was the weekend we had decided on. So I went down Fri afternoon and came back Sun afternoon. It was a really good trip, good friends, good food, good times. I stayed with Michele and we got to hang out with Jake and Jaime W, which was fun. Played guitar hero forever, and I finally got to play GH3, which was pretty cool. I'll have some pics to show eventually, but since I forgot my camera, I'm at the mercy of the folks who actually took the pics :)

But it was a really fun trip. I was sorry Dave wasn't able to go, but next time. And next weekend Michele and Jason will be up to visit us, so he'll see them soon. And in just a couple weeks my friend Tiffany from college will be here visiting!!! I can't wait to see her. I see her usually about once a year around Thanksgiving, at least that's been the case for the last few years. So I'm really excited that she'll be here to visit. Yay for friends and trips and pics