Friday, January 25, 2008

Yellowstone, here we come!

Well we have all our plans laid out for our Yellowstone Nat'l Park trip. We leave pretty late on a Friday, and get in at 11pm into Idaho Falls airport, but the car rental place at the airport swears they will stay until we get there, so they better! We'll stay in I.F. Fri night, then drive up to West Yellowstone, MT early Sat morning, meet up with Tara (the BEST Minivan Ever!) and start our day of snowmobiling through Yellowstone. Dave has never been there, so I am very excited for him to see some true wildlife, and I hope we can get some cool pics of buffalo, moose, etc that we just don't see here. And I want to get some landscape shots and ones to document the fact that we are on snowmobiles!! So we'll spend a couple days in Yellowstone, and then on Tues we'll drive to Jackson, WY where my cousin Brian is hooking us up with a nice hotel for cheap. So we'll hang out a few days in Jackson, and hopefully go skiing there. That will be another first for me and Dave. I've gone once or twice, years ago, but Dave has never gone, so it will be fun to go together. And again, another picture opportunity! Then we'll go back to I.F. Fri and fly out early early Sat morning.

We're really looking forward to this trip. Our friend Tara will take us on a snowmobile tour, and we'll get to hang out in Jackson with my cousin Brian.

Very fun!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hella Busy

I can't blog. Nothing to blog about. Just busy. Nothing else going on. Just busy.

Hella Busy