Thursday, September 24, 2009

You are never going to believe this!

I'm posting! Considering it's been 9 months, I guess that means it's about time.


- May 24 we got married!! 4 months already. In fact today is our 4 month anniversary. Happy 4 Month Anniversary Boo!! It was a great wedding, and we were able to spend a wonderful day with friends and family.

- We're still in MN. The plan to move to ID is still in the back of our minds, but there hasn't been any drastic improvement to the housing market to allow us to sell our house yet, so we're here until that happens.

- Dave's job has been going great. He's still able to do that from MN, and it hasn't been an issue at all with his bosses. He does travel quite a bit, but there are a lot of short trips and then a long span at home that help make up for it. And when he is at home, he works from the house, so we get to both be at the house working and that really makes a difference.

- My job hasn't changed. I'm still in the same job and working for 4 people instead of 2. For a while it was very touch and go there, to the point where almost every month I didn't know if I would have a job the following month. But it's worked out and I'm still here. If we move to Boise soon, it would be great to still be able to do this job from Boise.

That's pretty much all the news and updates. I'll try to start posting my normal rambling thoughts again soon. Not promising, but am hopeful :)

For now enjoy some photos you may have already seen from varios events, trips, etc.

From our wedding:

From our trip to SC for Dave's cousin's wedding:

It was a hot, windy day at the beach in Charleston, SC