Wednesday, August 30, 2006

It's almost time!!

So tomorrow is my last day at my current job. Kind of sad, but overall just so ready to finish these last 2 days out and get going! I'm just feeling very ready to be on my way and start the new time in my life in my new city.

This week has been pretty busy, considering it's only Wed. And not even because it's the end of the month, which for my job is a typically huge factor. But it's just been busy. My boss is out of town all week in HI, lucky butt. And for some reason things seem to have issues when he's gone. It hasn't really been that way this week, but there are quite a few rushes and just many files right now in our pipeline, so it is just busy. It's kind of good because it takes my mind off the countdown and helps the day go a little faster, but I still can't believe it's only Wednesday. I've been staying an extra hour or so each night this week packing up my work stuff. I'm up to 9 boxes that have to be shipped. Tomorrow I'll pack all my current files and call that good and maybe leave early. I have to load up my truck with the items I've been using since the moving truck actually left last Friday.

Speaking of moving trucks, for anyone of you out there that prays to a higher being, I need you to pray that my moving truck will make it to MN on time so it can be dropped off to my new apartment Friday night. If it doesn't make it by Fri I don't get it until Tues night. And I want to take advantage of the weekend. So please please say a prayer that everything will go ok. The whole reason I had them leave a week early was to make it with no problem. Currently the moving truck is in Albuquerque and the dispatch office in MN didn't know if it was going to make it on time. So pray, pray, pray for me that it does. Thanks!

Well like I keep saying, I'm ready to go. I can't wait. I'm excited. I love my boo, I can't wait to hang out with him. I just am ready ready ready to go!!And because I'm so excited, I'm being all sentimental and so I'm putting my very most favorite picture of me and my boo. It could be a freaking Christmas card!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Apartment Pics

Here are some pictures of my new apartment I took a couple weeks ago. I love my bathroom!! It's so spacious!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Falling into Place!

Yes, things are coming along for my move! The moving truck got loaded up last night, and we packed all my stuff in there taking up less then the 6 feet I reserved, thank you Marc!!! Kristen and Anthony from work came over to help load stuff up and we got it done in about 3 hours. Considering we started at 8:30 I'm very happy with that! It will leave Phoenix tomorrow and then Kristen and I will follow next week, hopefully leaving around 3 am or close to it, so we can get a really early start. I'd really like to have crossed the border into NE by the time we stop for the night. That is my goal, and I want to just keep on pushing.

My big boss came through for me and got everything arranged for me to "rent" a work station at the office I wanted in Woodbury. So I'm set up to start working there 9/6 and it's all taken care of!

So now it's just wait. Wait. Wait until next week when I can leave. My boss is out of the office all of next week so I'll be busy at work getting files prepped to be shipped to new spot, but at night I'll be proabably a little bored. I have just the bare essentials left at home, everything else is on the truck. So I'll do just a small amount of packing that stuff up and I'll do some cleaning, but that's about it.

I'm so excited that the time is getting closer and closer. If I can just hold out until next Friday I'll be good!

I'm really looking forward to learning more about my new area. Even though I'm technically moving to the Twin Cities area, I'm going to claim St. Paul more than Minneapolis. So I went on a search to find St. Paul pictures to help convey how pretty it is, and thanks to this random guy who gets all the credit. So now I have some beautiful pictures until I can get my camera out and take my own beautiful pictures.

I'm looking forward to checking out all the eclectic little shops and restaurants in St. Paul, and downtown shopping, and the downtown life. The feel I get from the area so far is that has a small town hominess to it, but with all the conveniences of big city life. I'm looking forward to finding out all the local hangouts and just learning the layout of the city and getting to know it. I'm just really excited about checking everything out and having Dave show me around. He's learned a lot of the history of the city and so he will make a great teacher!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Bored at work?

For all of those who are bored at work (Angie!!!) here are some videos of some of my currently favorite songs. Enjoy!

30 Seconds to Mars - The Kill

Justin Timberlake - Sexyback

AFI - Miss Murder

Gnarles Barkley - Crazy

Panic! At The Disco - I Write Sins Not Tragedies

Taking Back Sunday - MakeDamnSure

Monday, August 14, 2006

Turkey on a Stick

So I'm in MN right now, thought I'd update my blog. I'm chilling at my boo's while he takes the dog for a walk. We've had a great time!! I got in real late Wed night. Luckily I got out before all the airport drama that took place. Thurs we got so much stuff done. It was a very productive day and a good time! I got to see my apartment up close and personal. I took a bunch of pictures but forgot to download them, so I'll add them at a later date. It's a nice apartment and it's in a good spot. I wish it were a tiny bit closer to my boo, but it's only about 8 miles away. But it's 8 miles down a county highway that is a 2 lane road, so we'll see how that goes. But it's a good looking apartment and I have an attached garage which is nice. And the bathroom is huge! I'm excited about that!! Thursday night we met up with my boo's boss and her boyfriend and went to a Mexican food place that was very good. And then we went and listened to some live jazz music at a place called the Artist's Quarter, owned and operated by local jazz musicians. It was nice to sit and chill and listen to good music.

Friday we did some shopping at the Mall of America and killed some time before picking up Kristen. Then that night we went out with our boy Damon from DSM. We ate at Famous Dave's at Calhoun Square and then went up to this bar upstairs called the Independent. We had a good time but DAMN we were out late. I'm not a partier. I like to people watch, but even that gets kind of old after a while with just a diet Pepsi. But those two like to party!! I'm a lightweight and can't hang! I need to stay on the porch with the other pups. I don't roll with those big dogs, so I was tired come about midnight but we were still going. Still out. Still partying. Still hanging. Still still still til freaking 2:30. Then we walked our tired and their drunk butts back to Damon's then drove home. Damon lives in Uppertown in Minneapolis. My boo lives in Woodbury. That late at night it was just a 20 minute drive, so we made it home at 3. And I was tired!! Knocked out the minute my head hit my boo's shoulder. I was tired all of Saturday, too cause we stayed out so late. We had a late breakfast Sat morning and then chilled for a while then went to the Mall of America with Kristen. Did some shopping, a lot of walking, then picked up a rental car to drive to IA. Sat night we were gonna hang out with Damon again, but I was too damn tired and listless and lazy and just blah. So after we had dinner at 8:30 I was too tired to do anything so we didn't really do anything. Around 11 we talked to Damon and he was just chilling too so we stayed home. But that was good cause we had to be up early Sun morning to drive to IA.

We made it down to Des Moines for the IA state fair around noon. That was a good time, but very wet and rainy after about the first hour it started pouring. We went to see Train in concert and to see some friends from our old job. We had some good fair food... Turkey on a stick, beef on a stick, some Chinese fair food and some local dairyman's ice cream. YUM!! It was raining off and on the rest of the time we were there, but we had a couple brave souls in our group who flagged down a poncho man and got all 7 of us some ponchos so we could brave the weather in search of food. We have pictures of that, too, 7 stay puff marshmallows. We were sexy!!!

We got back at a pretty decent hour last night and watched Inside Man. We want to go see Talladega Nights today before I leave. We were going to go see it earlier during the trip but I was being so lazy and wouldn't let my boo get out of bed with me so we didn't ever make it to the show. We're going to try to make it today. But so far, I haven't made it out of the bed yet, so we'll see...

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Mixed Feelings, Sad and Happy Thoughts

I have mixed feelings about today. My sis-in-law and the kids drove away to Utah today and I'm sad about that. But tomorrow I get to go to MSP to visit my boo and see my new apartment and see the town I'll be living and get to check out the area, the beautiful parks, etc. But most importantly I'll be able to see my boo. That is the best part. I'm excited to see him. It will be just over a month since he was in Phoenix to see me, but it feels much longer than that.

So I'm very happy about the fact that I'll be moving soon. But I'm sad because I'm be going home to an empty house tonight. No more kids running around playing. No more cute little niece saying Bye Bye Sarah when I leave in the morning. I'm sure she'll walk around her new house saying "where's Sarah?" She does that now when she's hanging out at her other aunt and uncle's house. I'll miss that. And I'm really going to miss my sis-in-law. We've grown so much closer since I've lived in Phoenix, and even more so since I moved into her house. I'm very thankful for that cause in the past each time we'd go to visit I always thought to myself I wish we were closer, or I wish I knew her better, and what not, so now I do. And I would like to keep it that way. I really have had a great time hanging out with her, watching tv, talking, doing stuff with the kids. It's been a lot of fun. So I'll miss that.

But I'm also very excited about the countdown to my move. We're down to just about 23 days until move day. I'll get back from my trip on the 14 and two weeks from that day my moving truck will have left Phoenix a couple days ago. And then 4 days after that I'm on the road. And that makes me so happy to think about that. And if you want to see the official time, check out this link:

Countdown To The MOVE

I'm sad about my sis-in-law and the kids moving, but I'm so happy about the fact that I'll see my boo tomorrow and shortly after that I'll be moving to be with him.

It's been a mixed feeling kind of day, but all I can do at this point is continue to stay close to my sis-in-law and be there for my brother. His birthday is this month, a week before I move, and I want to be able to spend time with him before I leave. But so much stuff is out of my control. So I'll do what I can and will continue to pray for both of them and for me and my boo.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Thoughts on Moving

I'm so excited to move. Not the moving part itself, the packing and cleaning and going through all that again, but what the moving means. It means I'm going to be able to hang with my boo whenever I want. I can go over to his place to hang out, we can go to movies together, we can go to church together, play dominoes :) and really give our relationship a shot at moving to the next level. That is where the excitement comes from.

I'm sad to be leaving certain friends and coworkers behind, and my brother. I've enjoyed hanging out with him this last year. I don't know if we're any closer than we were, but I feel I know him better. I'll be sad to part ways with my sister-in-law and the kids. I've really enjoyed hanging out with them and getting to know her in particular. She's moving away next week and I'm sad about that. But I think we'll keep in much better contact now than any other time in the 10 or so years we've been in-laws.

But even with all the little bits of sad from leaving friends behind, I'm so ready to move forward with our next step. I really feel that this is the time and place for us to give it a real shot. There is real marriage potential here and I'm excited to be able to be near him and really see what we've got.

I'm going to MN to visit in a week from today and I know that is just going to be a tease! But I'll be back from MN on the 14th and then the moving truck will be dropped off Wed 8/23 and picked up Fri 8/25 so that there will be plenty of time for the truck to be transported and delivered by Fri 9/1. The moving comp doesn't work Sat or Sun and no holidays, so if it's not delivered by Fri 9/1 then it won't be delivered until Tues 9/5 and then I lose the weekend to unpack.

So anyway, I'm really just counting the days until I go to visit and then til I go for good.