Sunday, February 17, 2008

Trips and Pics

We had a great time on our vacation last week. We flew into Idaho Falls late Fri night and then drove up to West Yellowstone, MT early Sat morning and met up with my good friend from college, Tara. She's been a snowmobile guide for the last few winters and I finally took her up on a chance to go snowmobiling through Yellowstone Park. This was another first for me and Dave, as neither of us had gone snowmobiling before. I've been to YNP before, but never in the winter. So it was a lot of fun checking out Yellowstone in the snow.
We started snowmobiling early Sat morning, after getting bundled up in 2 layers of long johns, sweats a full on snow suit and winter coats. We were bundled and warm!!! We saw a lot of wildlife - the buffalo were crossing the roads right in front of us, walking right along us, and were between 5-10 feet away. It was insane! We also saw a fox, a bald eagle, a coyote and multiple elk. More than once the buffalo literally came up next to us from the forest on the side of the road. Quite intense.

The first day we were able to go just with Tara, she didn't have to work so she was able to take us out on a tour, just us 3. Then the second day she had to work so we went with a typical group of 8 or so. We were able to take a lot of cool pics. So I'm going to just fill up my blog with pictures of the trip. Some are from YNP, and some are from Jackson. Anything that is sunny is probably Jackson, cause we didn't have much sun while we were in Yellowstone.