Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Have I mentioned I'm excited?

I know all I can talk about is our house, and how excited I am to move in, but I just can't help it. We're two weeks away from the closing, and that's the big thing that's going on right now. I just can't wait to move in, and have that be our house. We're going to be BUSY that week, though.

We sign closing docs on Tues, then we're planning on taking stuff over there as soon as we get the keys from the realtor. So then we're planning on painting our room a really pretty blue that's kind of blueish gray. And we're planning on cleaning a little bit in the new house; sanitizing the toilets, sinks, tub, etc. Who knows who used the bathroom last, and we want our bare bootys to sit on nice, sanitized toilets. So that's Tues. We're also going to take a lot of the stuff that we've been purchasing here and there over to the house that evening, so we're not having to have the movers take it, when they're just bags of items.

Wed we're having the moving company come to both apartments to move the big items and boxes. They'll start that in the morning, and hopefully have everything unloaded by 1 or so. Cause the fence company is coming that day and hopefully the gutter guy is coming that day, so we'll have those things (keep your fingers crossed) done by Wed night. Also Wed we're having Best Buy deliver our new appliances. Then Thurs the appliances will be installed and we're having DirecTV and Qwest over to install their respective items. Friday we're having a new tv installed and maybe a home security system. So we've got the makings of a busy busy weekend. Cause all these installs will be taking place at the same time that we're trying to unpack. Also, my brother is flying up on Thurs and helping us out with 'round the housey stuff. I'm so glad he'll be around, cause he's hella handy. And it will be nice to see him again.

So that's the scoop for the week of closing. It's coming up faster than I can believe. I remember way back when... when we were looking at 6 weeks down the road. And here we are. Practically at the road. I just can't wait til we're moved in, everything is set up the way we want, our decorating is complete and we're in our house! On a scale of 1 - 10, my excitement level is currently at a 19.