Thursday, August 24, 2006

Falling into Place!

Yes, things are coming along for my move! The moving truck got loaded up last night, and we packed all my stuff in there taking up less then the 6 feet I reserved, thank you Marc!!! Kristen and Anthony from work came over to help load stuff up and we got it done in about 3 hours. Considering we started at 8:30 I'm very happy with that! It will leave Phoenix tomorrow and then Kristen and I will follow next week, hopefully leaving around 3 am or close to it, so we can get a really early start. I'd really like to have crossed the border into NE by the time we stop for the night. That is my goal, and I want to just keep on pushing.

My big boss came through for me and got everything arranged for me to "rent" a work station at the office I wanted in Woodbury. So I'm set up to start working there 9/6 and it's all taken care of!

So now it's just wait. Wait. Wait until next week when I can leave. My boss is out of the office all of next week so I'll be busy at work getting files prepped to be shipped to new spot, but at night I'll be proabably a little bored. I have just the bare essentials left at home, everything else is on the truck. So I'll do just a small amount of packing that stuff up and I'll do some cleaning, but that's about it.

I'm so excited that the time is getting closer and closer. If I can just hold out until next Friday I'll be good!

I'm really looking forward to learning more about my new area. Even though I'm technically moving to the Twin Cities area, I'm going to claim St. Paul more than Minneapolis. So I went on a search to find St. Paul pictures to help convey how pretty it is, and thanks to this random guy who gets all the credit. So now I have some beautiful pictures until I can get my camera out and take my own beautiful pictures.

I'm looking forward to checking out all the eclectic little shops and restaurants in St. Paul, and downtown shopping, and the downtown life. The feel I get from the area so far is that has a small town hominess to it, but with all the conveniences of big city life. I'm looking forward to finding out all the local hangouts and just learning the layout of the city and getting to know it. I'm just really excited about checking everything out and having Dave show me around. He's learned a lot of the history of the city and so he will make a great teacher!

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