Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Step into a Slim Gym

That's the plan! Dave and I signed up for a gym membership at the YMCA. I haven’t really told anyone, especially not my family yet, because I'm hoping that there will be visible results that my family will notice at Thanksgiving. But since I only have 4 regular readers (including myself and Dave) I'm not too concerned about spilling the beans.

So at first I was pretty much against the idea of joining a gym. But Dave got all the details about the membership, what is included and the fact that if we go 12 times a month we can get a $20 reimbursement from our health insurance. So we joined last Saturday, with the start date of Oct 1. We went Monday night to have our initial appointment with our personal trainer. We’ll have 3 appointments with a trainer over the next 12 weeks and maybe will buy additional sessions after that. We're going again tonight and will do cardio with a focus on strength training.

So I've gone to the other side. I'm a worker outer.

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Regina said...

Woohoo way to work out guys!! My friend Marcus the mean mean trainer sends me exercises to do while i am here...I hate him, well my thighs and my arms do, but someday maybe i will love him when my body is proportionate again!!

I love you sarah "not beth" and just for you... I have a blog!