Monday, June 05, 2006

My first blog

I’ve decided to join the blogging masses and have created my own blog. This inspiration has come from the influence of multiple blogs… and I can honestly say one word sealed the deal: ketchup. It’s ok that you don’t know what the meaning is behind that and why ketchup of all things would help confirm my decision to create a blog, and why that is just so funny to me! But if you loyally stick to reading my blog you’ll find that most of my jokes are for my own amusement. I tend to crack myself up and regardless of whether other people think my jokes are funny or not, I’m laughing.

But I decided that I would start this with the intention of commenting mainly on movies and probably music. Sort of an amateur critic. We’ll see how that goes.


BP said...

That is awesome! Very cool blog I think I may become a groupie :)

Marc, Tara and Family said...

hey there beth-y-boo. love the blog!