Thursday, June 15, 2006

Counting down the list

10 Favorites
Favorite Season: Fall
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Time: Evenings
Favorite Food: Spaghetti, lasagna, fettuccine Alfredo, pizza bombs, mandarin chicken, tasty treat
Favorite Drink: Diet Pepsi with lemon
Favorite Ice Cream: Coffee almond fudge
Favorite Place: Where my boo is
Favorite Sport: baseball
Favorite Actor: Gabriele Byrne, Kevin Spacey, Samuel L. Jackson, James Marsters
Favorite Actress: Sandra Bullock, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Emma Caulfield

9 Currents
Current Feeling: little tired, little bored
Current Drink: Sarah's hard lemonade = lemonade and sprite
Current Time: 1:50 pm
Current Favorite Show on TV to watch: House
Current Mobile used: Sprint service, Samsung phone
Current Color of socks: not wearing socks, strappy sandals
Current Underwear: purple cotton school girl unders
Current Clothes: black striped pants, white and black striped shirt
Current Thought: man this lemonade is good

8 Firsts
First Nickname: Little Indian Baby
First Kiss: Carl Shoemaker in the 4th grade
First Crush: Lad, when I was 5 in Ashton, ID
First Best Friend: Rachel Egbert
First Vehicle I Drove: 1979 Green Mustang
First Job: Burger King
First Date: I can't remember. I think it was with Bill Condie
First Pet: Pepper, my tabby cat

7 Lasts
Last Drink: Still drinking Sarah's hard lemonade
Last Kiss: Almost a month ago
Last Meal: Subway ham, turkey and bacon sandwich on wheat
Last Web Site Visited: Kristen's blog
Last Movie Watched: The Break Up
Last Phone Call: Title company in Phoenix
Last TV show Watched: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

6 Have You Ever...
Have You Ever Broken the Law: just a little bit
Have You Ever Been Drunk: nope
Have You Ever Kissed Someone You Didn't Know: no… well I knew him, just not real well
Have You Ever Been in the Middle/Close to Gunfire: no
Have You Ever Skinny Dipped: can you skinny dip in a Jacuzzi?
Have You Ever Broken Anyone's Heart: not to my knowledge

5 Things
Things You Can Hear Right Now: Kristen's iPod playing Swing Swing, Mary coughing, the JV office talking, Kristen now singing along, my own typing
Things On Your Bed: pillows, sheets, blanket, my pajamas, that's it.
Things You Ate Today: Subway, some cookies, an ice cream sandwich, some carrots, and some grapes
Things You Can't Live Without: my boo, my family, my iPod, my computer, my car
Things You Do When You Are Bored: talk on the phone, watch TV, read, play games on the computer, go for a drive

4 Places You Have Been Today

3 Things On Your Desk Right Now
My iPod
My phone
My picture of me, Dave and the Michel(l)es

2 Choices
Subway or Blimpie
Work or Sleep

1 Place You Want To Visit
Woodbury, MN


Princess Kristen said...

You have way too much time on your hands! Too funny.

Sarah Beth??? said...

what can I say, I'm not doing an 8 mil month like some people!! :)