Monday, June 12, 2006

It is possible to be even more domestic than before??? I guess so!

Sorry to dwell, but I have to come back to how great my Super Suppers experiences have been... For dinner tonight I made a Maple Mustard Pork Chop with Cinnamon Apples. Yes, I know it sounds absolutely heavenly, and it was!! I wish I would have made two, it was so freaking good. But I just made one to try it and see how I liked it. So I still have two left for dinner tomorrow night. I really can't wait to have another one. I need a side to go with it, though. Anyway, back to how freaking good it was, here is the description, right from the Super Supper's website: "Boneless pork chops glazed with Dijon mustard, maple syrup, and fresh lemon juice. Serve with our Cinnamon Apples for a perfect taste combination." And I for one can confirm the fact that it is a perfect taste combination. It was sweet with the apples and mustardy with the marinade (this was my first ever marinade) and it was so incredibly tasty!! I'm just going to go on and on about it! The pork chop was very tender. I had my doubts because it seemed like I didn't have nearly enough marinade for the pork chop to possibly simmer in but apparently it was just enough because it was very flavorful. And then with adding the apples to it and simmering the pork chop with the apples??? Mmm Mmm Mmmmm that was good! The apples were soft and were oh so good. Brown sugary and kind of cinnamony. And I'll admit, I didn't see how the two combinations of completely different flavors were going to work out, but that pork chop with apples on the side definitely put me in my place!! I'm giving it a 10. Thanks Dave for making me hip to Super Suppers!!


BP said...

That looks really good! How can I get a plate? I got $5 on it :)

Sarah Beth??? said...

well come on Cletus! I've got one here with your name on it!