Saturday, June 10, 2006

It's moving time again

Nope, this isn't just a messy house! It's that time again when I'm packing up and heading out. Only this time it's only a couple of miles away. My apartment lease is up at the end of the month and my sis-in-law is letting me rent the new addition that they just added on so I don't have to renew a lease. I'm done with this apartment complex anyway. They don't play well with others, we'll put it that way. And I for one am sick of it!! So I'm going to show them by not resigning my lease. So I'm going to rent a brand new bedroom with attached bathroom at Tara's house. I officially don't have to be out until the end of June, but I'm starting to pack now and will probably be moving stuff over there as early as next weekend. As soon as the carpet is completed and there is a closet rod up in the gargantuan closet I'll start taking stuff over.
And who knows, maybe this is just a pit stop on the road to a new place. Since I do only seem to average about a year, year and a half per city. And I really do miss my sweaters, so maybe I'll find somewhere cold to move to so I can wear my sweaters. But then I'll miss my really cute strappy high heeled sandals I've begun to love in Phoenix. S0 maybe I'll have to go to a place with 4 seasons, unlike Phoenix, who's 4 seasons are man it's kind of getting hot, is it possible it's getting hotter?, holy hell I'm burning up and I must've died and gone to Hell it's so hot. So it will be nice to have a spring and a fall again. Let's see... where could I move that has a spring and a fall, where I can wear strappy sandals in the summer time and sweaters in the winter time... I know - Idaho!!! Just kidding, sorry folks, I'm not moving back there. I'll have to give that one more thought...
But in the meantime, back to packing.

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sophia said...

i hate packing and moving too! just did it last month. it took me about a month to finish....and I still ended up leaving some things behind.