Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Why I love DVDs

So in the spirit of movie reviews and critiques, I've decided to start with The Usual Suspects. It seems that every time I watch this movie I pick up on one more thing I didn't notice the last time I watched it. Although I must admit I knew who Keyser Söze was going to be the very first time I watched it because back in the day of movie quizzes at WF in STL with Greg and Tom I created a master movie quiz that touched on who the mastermind really was. At that time I didn't know anything else about the movie. But then I borrowed it from Greg and watched it knowing the whole time who Keyser Söze was.

I just watched again a couple of days ago and got as into it as I did the first time I saw it. I love Kevin Spacey as an actor. I think he is extremely talented and was happy to see him with Gabriel Byrne of whom I am also a huge fan. And although I hate to admit having seen End of Days (I am not linking to that one on purpose!!) I do like that Gabriel Byrne and Kevin Pollak have been in more than one movie together. I always like it when actors reunite in multiple movies. But back to Kevin Spacey in particular... one thing I just learned this last go round (thanks to the speacial features and featurettes) is that the name Söze was picked because in Turkish it in essence means verbal, which was basically Kevin Spacey's character's nickname: Roger "Verbal" Kint and he's called Verbal throughout the movie. The name Keyser comes from the German word Kaiser which means king, ruler, or emperor. So basically, Keyser Söze means Verbal King or Verbal Emperor. I found that very interesting since Verbal Kint was Keyser Söze that broke down to Verbal King.

Just one more thing I would never have known with VHS.

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