Friday, June 16, 2006

So I'm moved!!

Well, part way moved. I took a truck load over to my new place last night, got all the boxes that I've packed over there, most of my clothes, all my shoes (Lily had a great time with the shoes) and tomorrow I'm moving over the really big stuff. My truck was able to fit A LOT of stuff, but it doesn't have capacity for a bed, dresser, chair, etc. So my bro will help me take a couple truck loads over early tomorrow morning.

Then the Make-A-Wish Foundation will be coming over to Tara's tomorrow afternoon to talk about options to do a Wish for Toby. And they're bringing Red Robins for lunch, which will make Toby so happy because he's been obsessed with Red Robins lately. So that will be fun.

Then next week comes all the cleaning and getting everything really and truly out of the apartment. I don't have to turn in keys until July 1, but if I can get as much done now and during the weeks to come it will make that last day go by so much faster.

Yay for my new big room with pretty walls and pretty carpet!!!

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Marc, Tara and Family said...

you're a blogging fool!!!!!! :)