Sunday, October 08, 2006

Weekends in MN

This weekend was just awesome. We had so much fun and did a lot of outdoorsy things. We went to a drive in on Friday night. So much fun!! We saw Open Season with Ashton Kutcher and Martin Lawrence. Pretty funny. Madagascar was better, but it was pretty good. We also saw Gridiron Gang. I liked that a lot. The Rock has become a pretty good actor in my book. The Covenant was also playing, but since we had already seen it and it was getting close to midnight, we just decided to go home. But it was a lot of fun. It was a $7 admission, which we could deal with considering we normally pay $6 for a matinee and always see 2 movies (cause we're crazy risky like that and always sneak into a second movie) so no big deal. We had a picnic in the truck. We got a variety bucket from KFC and some sides and brought a cooler with ice and soda and we brought plates and silverware and had a straight up feast in the truck with the sides lining the dashboard. It was so much fun.

Then Saturday we went to an apple orchard. Yes, an actual apple orchard where you go pick your own apples, drink apple cider, take a hay ride, go through a corn maze, pick raspberries, pick pumpkins, etc. We almost did the corn maze then decided against it. It was $7 per person, and we figured we'd rather get into the orchard and pick us some fruit! So we picked some raspberries. The orchard was only a few miles away from my apartment and it was packed. There were so many people there. It was crazy busy but it was so much fun! I really wanted to pick raspberries, not so much with the apples. As soon as I saw they had raspberries, I wanted those instead. And you'll notice we're actually picking our own raspberries. They had 2 huge fields with rows and rows of raspberries. I love them! Dave doesn't care for them, but he had a good time picking them with me. I was eating almost as many as I was picking, and Mmmm Mmmmm MMMMMmmmm were they tasty!! Dave became a pro at picking the perfect raspberries. And I became an expert at eating them :) And since we've been home, I've continued to eat them and had them on my cereal this morning. I would love to make some raspberry jam, but I didn't get enough and I have never made it. So I'll resort to just eating the ones we picked.

The other part of it being such a fun day was how beautiful it was. It was windy, but it was just so beautiful!! Probably close to 76 or so, and sunny. And with all the fall colors changing, it really made for a wonderful afternoon. I loved taking pictures when we were on the hayride. We also drove into Wisconsin after the apple orchard because a gal at work had mentioned to me just how beutiful a drive it is heading along on Hwy 35. It goes right along the Mississippi river and is very pretty. Well I went south instead of east and wound up on a different highway and never quite made it to Hwy 35 and the drive down, but it was still so pretty on the drive we were on. I was kind of going off some printed mapquest maps that were not extremley detailed but was good enough to recognize some of the junctions with other highways and to make it to the bigger towns on the highway we were on. We wound up in Red Wing, WI, where the shoe company is located and finally saw a sign for Hwy 35 and so we took that back home. But by then the sun was setting so we weren't able to really appreciate the beauty of it, but we could still tell how pretty it would be during the afternoon. So we'll go again and take some actual pictures of WI next time.

Then today we took Camille (my step-dog :) ) to a dog park a few miles away. I didn't have my digital camera with me, but I had my cell phone so took a lot of pictures using my cell phone. I got a new phone recently and it has a much bigger screen to take and view pictures. And the resolution is pretty good for a cell phone camera. So these pictures are from today off my cell phone.


Last weekend Dave and I did a walk for the American Diabetes Association. We got up really early and went over to the General Mills campus (about 25 miles west of us) and did a 3 mile walk on a beautiful day as well. It took us about 50 minutes to do the 3 mile and boy was my booty sore afterwards!! But it was so worth it. Dave raised $175 and I raised $60, which was awesome considering this was my first diabetes walk. Then since we were in that part of town we wandered over to the area of Minneapolis that has like 5 very large lakes right in the middle of town. So we went over to Lake Calhoun and drove around the lake, enjoying people watching, looking at the homes that outlined the lake and just having a good time being out and enjoying how beautiful it was. Then we drove around Lake Harriet and got out and walked around. There was a deck that went out into the lake a little ways, so I took out the camera to take some pictures.

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