Thursday, October 05, 2006

Slevin Lucky Friends with Money

So we watched Friends with Money last night. I don't get what drove the need to make that movie. I just don't. Luckily we got it for free with our Netflix free 30 day trial, so I don't feel bad for wasting money. But it had no meaning for me. Yes, there were some great actors and some mildly funny parts, but overall, I just really wasn't feeling that movie. It drug on with no tension, no excitement, very moderate comedy, and when it was finally over, Dave and I just looked at each other and were like what the?? The cover is very misleading. It appears to be a comedy about 4 women who obviously have been friends for years, and makes it seem like it should be funny. Of course it would have to have the appropriate amount of drama and tears, cause it just looks like a chick flick comedy.... That's what it looks like. It wasn't. Consequently I might be banned from picking out movies for the next few times. Yes, it was my idea. But in my defense, I didn't do any research on it before renting it, just based it on seeing a preview or 2 back when it was in theaters. I only wish we had watched that first, then I could have redeemed myself with Lucky Number Slevin. That movie was worth the $4 spent (we were in between Netflix rentals at the time) and will probably make it's way into our collection one day. Loved it. I thought it was just so clever. And you know how I love clever! And I loved Josh Hartnett in this role. I'm not typically a huge fan of his, but I have to say, this was a great role for him, and probably the best movie I've seen him in (unless you count Here on Earth, which I don't, cause that movie sucked and I hate Leelee Sobieski. Stupid Leelee Sobieski with her uncanny resemblance to Helen Hunt).

Anyway, back to my movie choices.

Lucky Number Slevin gets an A+

Friends with Money gets a D- (the only thing keeping it from an F is the great actors, but even that is only half a score away from an F, so even they couldn't save this movie)

Dave gets an A+ cause he's my boo and I love him.
I get an A++ cause it's my rating system.


Michelle said...

I'm glad you liked Slevin. I thought it was entertaining for sure, but trying a bit too hard to be Pulp Fiction. But still good.

I actually added Friends with Money to my Netflix queue, then removed it like 2 days later because I couldn't remember why I wanted to see in the first place. I'm glad I seem to have made the right decision.

Sarah Beth??? said...

I think that was a wise decision, removing Friends with Money.

We also saw She's the Man last night. It was cute.