Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I'm excited for Mandarin House!!

Dave and I are going to Utah for Thanksgiving, as that is the location of our yearly celebration on the Wilson side of the family. However, since Pocatello is only a quick drive of 3 hours away, we're going there for a day or 2 as well. And while I'm there you better believe I'm getting some mandarin chicken from Mandarin House, the chinese place I've been raving about, drooling over and having dreams about lately. Who dreams about chinese food, you may ask??? I do, what of it! It's so yummy I can't wait. That's why I've enlisted the help of my favorite countdown website to count it down for me. Don't act like you're not excited. And yes, there will be pictures posted of us enjoying our mandarin chicken. Oh how I love it. It's so tasty. I can't wait!!

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