Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Minnehaha Falls

We went to Minnehaha Park on Friday evening to see the waterfall. We were both able to leave work early and decided to take advantage of that so I loaded up Camille (Dave's dog) in the truck and we went and picked Dave up and drove over to the park. It's amazing that this waterfall is right in the middle of this park, in the middle of town. You'd never know it just driving by because you go down stairs to get to it. It was so pretty. So we went down to see it and I got to take some pics. I really like silhouettey kind of pictures, just tree branches up against the sky, etc, as you'll see. There were a few other people down there while we were, so we asked a nice random stranger to take our picture. I think it turned out well :)

I just love these pictures.

These are the stairs we did. There were lots!

It was just such a pretty evening, a little chilly, but well worth it.

And this one is my favorite tree picture.

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