Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Planning, Tasting, Signing, Planning

We got some big stuff accomplished last weekend regarding wedding plans. We went and looked at a ceremony option at the hotel we'll have our guests stay at, to see if we could do a nice outside ceremony before going to the boat for the reception. It's a nice pretty area, and they aren't charging an arm and a leg, considering we'd be having most of our guests stay there, and we'd only be in the space for like 30 mins. We also had a tasting with our caterer on Sat, which was the last thing we wanted to do before we signed the contract for the boat, and the food was so good!! So we knew we were ok with moving foward, since this was the only catering option for this venue, we really wanted it to be good and it was! So after our tasting of really yummy food, we called up the boat captain to see if we could head over and sign the contract. So we're confirmed for our requsted day on the boat cruise. Now we just have to decide for sure if we're going to have the ceremony at another location (the hotel) or stick with having both on the boat. And that decision will help determine my wedding dress style and options, so just a few more big things to knock out of the way then it's smooth sailing!


Michele said...

I've noticed this before, but you really love "options." That and "deals."

Karen said...

So how many daze left until May 24?

Bet you are so very busy planning and wanting everything to be perfect, for the "bIg dAy" and it all will be I'm sure.
love mom