Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tiffany's Trip

here are some pics from when Tiffany, my good friend from college was visiting. We didn't do a ton of stuff, but we were able to catch a University of MN football game, and we had great seats!, we ate some good food, did a little shopping at the Mall of America, saw a few movies, and really just had a good time talking and catching up. So enjoy this photo documentary.

Yeah this kid thought he was pretty funny.

It was a real good time, she was a welcome guest, and I'm hoping she can come back and visit again. And to all my other college friends who haven't been here yet... Tara, Joe, Jena, Tracy, Emma... you should follow Tiff's example and get your behinds on up here (or down here, if you live in AK).


Tara said...

I DO have to say that I've visited you EVERYWHERE else that you've lived. So don't go crying to me that I haven't been to MN yet.

Oh yeah, and let's not forget that I was in MSP and YOU were not (I know we didn't have set plans to get together as I was driving across the country, but still).

So you better watch your tongue, young lady!!!!!!!!


Tara said...

And now I HAVE seen you in MN. SO THERE :)