Monday, February 12, 2007

Pictures Pictures and Pictures

So basically I'm talking in all pictures here, more detail will possibly follow.

This is my boss Phil and his wife Kati.

I loved her dress!! It was kind of a real creamy white, (eggshell?) with a large brown ribbony tie, and I thought it was beautiful!

Here is me and Dave, chillin at the wedding. Turns out I matched the wedding party. That was by sheer accident! Who knew they'd all be in cream and brown!!

And here is a hottie by a fountain!

Kristen, me and Dave at the reception

Me and Dave, same fountain

Dave, picking an orange in the middle of their backyard.

On the way to Vegas.

Me and Kristen at Hoover Dam

Dave and Kristen at Hard Rock

Dave outside Penny Town, USA

Me, hanging with KISS

New York, New York

My boo, hanging at the guitar

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