Monday, February 19, 2007

Friends are fun

So one of my best friends came up this weekend to hang out and shop and just chill and we had such a great time. I miss my friends who are far away!! It was nice hanging out with her again and eating good food, and talking about everything from our old job where we used to work together, to our boys, to annoying people, to awesome people, just everything and it was a lot of fun. She's only about 3 1/2 hours away, so definitely makes me want to get together a lot more often. We bowled on the Wii, which was fun, except I suck and she rocks. But I am awesome at tennis, so that made me feel better and made up for my sucky factor at bowling. She scored when it came to shopping. Found 4 pairs of pants. I didn't find anything but a pretty basic black shirt. Go figure. But I got cute hair sticks to put in my hair, and that's about the highlight of my shopping. But it was fun.

Anyway, the point of this rambling on, is that it was good to hang out with her, and it makes me miss more of my friends. Like the ones in STL, in Anchorage, my sis in ID, friends in AZ, friends in ID, in UT, and in Little Rock. I need to have a friend reunion. I know you all won't know each other, but I find it hard to believe that all these people I like and who like me wouldn't be able to hang out together and have a good time. I mean come on, I'm the common thread here, so it would be worth it!! So you're all invited to the 2007 Friends of Sarah Reunion, location and date TBD.

Please RSVP!!!

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