Sunday, January 21, 2007

Does playing tennis on a Wii count as exercise?

Yay we finally have a Wii! Dave is awesome. I tell you what, he was totally "Johnny On It" this morning. He was looking through the Sunday ads early and saw that Circuit City had Wiis in stock and they were going to give vouchers out an hour before the store opened. So he woke my butt up at 8:30 to have me find out when the store was opening (which turned out to be 10) so we would have a chance to get one. So I braved the cold weather, snow and slush to drive the whole 3 miles :) to stand in line for a voucher. But when I got there there were only 6 other people ahead of me, and within the 6 were two groups of two so really I was 5th in line and there were only 11 in stock. So we just had to come back and get it within two hours of the store opening... like that would be a problem! So I went and picked Dave up, we had breakfast at Perkins and then we went back to get our Wii! It was pretty cool being able to walk out with one. There were a few people looking at us like we were the luckiest S.O.B.s ever! Cause they didn't get one. Poor suckers. Heh heh heh.

Then we went over to Best Buy to pick up another remote, since we have gift cards there and it would basically be free. But they were out of stock. In fact 3 different Best Buys were out of stock, as is online. So we'll keep an eye out so we can get a second remote. Dave wants to kick my butt at tennis. But so far we're taking turns playing a match. That actually works out pretty well cause this ain't no joke! I'm feeling it in my arms just from playing tennis. I'm definitely getting better, but I'm also out of breath by the time I get to the end of the match. It will be pretty cool to play against each other, though. I have this awesome power serve that the computer rarely is able to return, so I think it will be fun to use it against Dave! He can't wait to get in there and kick my butt in tennis, but we'll see after he has to return my awesome serve! I can trash talk like this, cause he probably won't read this for another week :) and by then I'll be just as good as he is. We both started with our skill level at 0 and he's up in the 400s now and I'm still in the 200s, but the high 200s!

So McLong, I can totally understand why you wanted one of these so bad!! I know what we're going to be doing every night this week!! We're going to be playing this Wii every chance we can. We have the playstation 2 that we just got for Christmas, and we're probably going to be playing the Wii more than that!! But we've been loving having a playstation, too. Guitar Hero is so much fun. And even though we only have 1 guitar, we can play it on multiple players and the other person can use the controller and still play. That's pretty cool.

So the moral of this story is, if you weren't lucky enough to stumble onto a Wii at Wal-Mart back before Christmas, you might still get lucky if you have an early riser boyfriend who is diligent at looking at the Sunday ads!!!

Well I'm off to go play some tennis!! Now that I can!!!!!!!

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