Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Milk in a bag???

I guess we're a couple of true Minnesotans, because my boo and I bought milk in a bag today. Have you ever heard of milk in a bag?? I hadn't until today when we stopped at a gas station to pick up a gallon of milk. Dave had been telling me about this milk in a bag, but I had never noticed it...until we were picking up milk today. People in MN buy milk in 1/2 gallon bags for .89 and put it into plastic pitchers (which are free and right there by the milk). We learned this from randomly polling 2 women who happened to be buying said bags of milk. Turns out it's a pretty common thing, you don't have to deal with the plastic gallon container recycling, it's cheaper, and apparently people here love it. So we bought a gallon. We must be true blood Minnesotans, because we bought milk in a bag.

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