Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I love House

Housey, House, House

I love House. I think it's so funny and real. Well sometimes it's not necessarily real, cause it's just too good to be real, but I really like it. I just started watching it a few episodes before the season ended but I'm addicted. I think Hugh Laurie is great in his role as Dr. Gregory House, a diagnostician who hates people and is addicted to painkillers for his bum leg (although I haven't figured out how he got his bum leg yet). I didn't even realize I had seen him before until looking him up just now on imdb.com but turns out he's been in a lot of stuff, and I had seen him in Flight of the Phoenix and Sense and Sensibility but never would have known that was the same guy. He plays a completely different type of role in House and I think he's great in it.

I also really like the supporting cast: Dr. Allison Cameron; played by Jennifer Morrison (think Stir of Echoes with better hair), Dr. Eric Foreman (not from that 70s show!); played by Omar Epps, Dr. Robert Chase; played by Jesse Spencer (think Uptown Girls), and my favorite Dr. James Wilson; played by Robert Sean Leonard. I love him from back in the days of Dead Poet's Society and My Best Friend is a Vampire (geeky I know, but how great is it that he can't eat pizza with garlic on his first date as a vampire cause of the garlic! that's just classic).

So anyway, I'm addicted to House. I just discovered I'm watching the summer reruns of the 2nd season. And as much as I newly love House, I thought I was watching reruns of season 1. So now I want to see season 1 as well. Maybe they have it on DVD at Hollywood Video. Since I'm not ready to commit to Netflix, I'm going to have to stick with the local video store for a little bit longer... if they have it.

I could keep going as to why I love it, but let's just say, I just do and leave it at that.

I love House. Housey, House House

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Michelle said...

I haven't watched too many eps, but the ones I have watched are very good. There was one with Michelle Trachtenberg (think Harriet the Spy or if you'd like, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) that I actually made a point of watching because I like her so much as "Not Dawn." But if you watch Season 1 they kind of explain how he got his bum leg in a really good episode with Carmen Electra - no joke. Hollywood Video and Blockbuster both have it on DVD (at least here in STL, I don't know how they do things there in Arizona). I've heard renting TV shows with Netflix is a bad idea because they don't always send the discs in order, but I've never done anything with them so I could totally be lying.