Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Moving Plans, Wedding Plans, Job Plans; an update

It's been awhile, I shouldn't have left you. Without a dope blog to read to... wait...

Well it really has been awhile. And there are a few updates. Well not update updates so much as lack of updates. That to certain people will serve as an update. We are still planning on moving to Idaho. We haven't listed our house yet, partly because I've been so busy at work that I don't have time or energy after work to keep packing up the house. There are boxes strewn about, some packed up and taped, others waiting to be filled and others set to be donation boxes. We've sold a few things on craigslist which has helped to lighten the load, but still have a few large items we'd like to get rid of and hopefully make some money off of. The cost of the moving truck will be based on the weight and the mileage. The mileage we can't do anything about, but the weight we can try to slim down here and there and not having to take a 200 lb sleeper sofa is in our favor!

Regarding our wedding plans we were tossing the idea around of just getting married now and having a reception in May to limit some of the cost, planning and for a job benefit for Dave's new job. However we think it would be best to just stick to the original plan of getting married in May and having the reception on the boat. We really like that idea, and if it turns out we're in Idaho already, we'll just fly back to MN for the wedding like everyone else. I'm actually going to go try on a wedding dress today. That's something I've only had in the back of my mind latetly, not making it as much as a priority, because if we did get married early and had only the reception in May then I wouldn't need a wedding dress. But if we're sticking to the original plan then I will need one, so I'm going to start looking again.

Regarding our job plans, they aren't plans so much as Dave loves his new job. He has had to travel a lot in Dec for a week of training, shadowing at events and learning the ropes. He'll have to travel again every weekend in Jan and the first week of Feb. It should slow down though by the mid of Feb. Most schools and organizations have their main annual events in Jan and Feb and then slow way down. He'll be in Albequerque, Boise, Twin Falls, Las Vegas, back to Boise and then a week in Phoenix. But then he'll be home again for a little while. And he'll be home in between the trips, there will just be a lot of them. And he'll be racking up airline miles and hotel points so that will help. He does have to go to Seattle in Feb over Valentines Day and he's taking me with him, so that will be fun way to spend V-Day. He really does like his job. He's a Regional Member Benefits Rep and covers ID, NV, MT and parts of CA. So he does have to live in one of the states he covers. And he will travel throughout the states and a few more as well for various events. He will be doing a lot of presentations to NEA members and mans tables at event fairs. He has always had a flair for speaking and presenting. And that has even improved from his time spent in Toastmasters. So this job is really right up his ally. Once we move to ID he should be able to travel a little closer to home and visit various NEA chapters throughout Idaho. For now though, it's a lot of travel to various events he needs to attend so he can shadow other NEA MB reps. One thing that is really cool is that he does work for a union, and they had already arranged through the contract that everyone would be given paid time off from Christmas Eve through Jan 5 without it counting from their actual paid days off. They just got the time. So I matched my pto that I had stored up so we were both off from Christmas through Jan 5. I had been saving my days off because I thought I was losing my job and wanted to stockpile as much time off for them to pay me out when my job ended. As it turns out I'm around at least another month so all of a sudden I had to use my pto or else I would lose it. So I'm using it all baby!!!

Anyway these are pretty much all the non updates :) The house will be our biggest agenda item. As soon as we can get it sold we'll be in a position to be moving and buying and shaking and rolling. And we'll still plan on the wedding in May. So start watching for tickets to come to our MN wedding!!!!

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Heather said...

I'm so excited you are moving closer. It will be good to see you a bit more frequently. The house sounds like a real pain--sorry you have to deal with it!