Thursday, November 06, 2008

Trip to Idaho

We're home from our trip to Idaho, and it was a great trip. We did a lot of driving, since we flew into SLC and then drove up to Boise, and then on the way home drove to Pocatello and stayed the night there so our return trip didn't have to be all the way back to SLC from BOI in one shot. But we had a great trip, good time with family and got to see a friend from high school. Dave had never been to Boise or Fruitland before, because every other time he's come to Thanksgiving with me we're in Riverton, UT and then drive up to Pocatello. So this time I got to show him around where I grew up, we stayed at my parents house, and we got to eat some yummy food!! Now I'm just tired and not ready to be back at work, but back at work I will be! It was nice to see my grandma again, and I hadn't been to her house in like 3 years, so that was nice. And I saw my cousin Kim for the first time in a few years. She came with us to a bridal shop for a wedding dress appointment I had. My mom had called her and it worked out that she was able to meet us. That was fun, because it had been a long time since I had seen her. I should've taken a picture with her, but I was all caught up in trying on dresses, so missed that boat. But we found each other on Facebook, so it's all good :)


Simmonds/Wilson Clan said...

Gorsh I miss you guys! If you ever fly into SLC without telling me again, you're going to get hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I say that with love :) glad you had a fun trip and boo could see Fruitland etc. :) love you guys!

Crystal said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time. We will be sorry to miss you at Thanksgiving, but I guess the wedding isn't TOO far away. My mom said you all had a nice time visiting and grandma was thrilled. Keep us posted on the definitive wedding plans so we can shop for tickets.