Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wii're Fit

Well we're getting that way. We got a Wii Fit system over the weekend and we really like it. They're hard to come by, so we were glad when a friend saw the ad showing they were finally for sale again in a few select stores. So after driving to 2 different places we got one. And we've been using it every day and it's actually a lot of fun! It's hard and it does give you a work out. My only complaint/concern is it does it in 1-4 minute intervals with each activity. So once you finish an activity, you go back to the menu and choose something else. It's not like you have a steady amount of time that you're working out. But the idea of it is actually pretty cool. The balance board is pretty cool, as it reads your weight, whether you're moving slightly, putting pressure on your toes or heel, inside or outside of your foot, etc. It gives goals for you to reach by trying to put your balance in a certain area as you do an exercise, or a yoga pose, or a fitness activity, and it's pretty amazing that it can sense that. The BMI test isn't fun, especially when your Mii goes from skinny to chubby after you're weighed, but I guess that's part of the incentive to use it!

Anyway, we've been doing it every day, and it's been worth it.


BP said...

Awesome article, your wording is so clever!

Crystal said...

I was looking at the Wii fit... Do you really like it? I just like the idea of using a system I already have for something entirely different. Let me know.

Tara said...

I guess you'll have to show Mii what it's all about. I'm Wii illiterate, basically.

I was just getting confused with all of our play on words. It was fun but it was getting jumbled in my head with all of the math that is floating around!!!!!!!