Friday, June 20, 2008

Please Simon Fuller, put a MUZZLE on Mary Murphy!!!!!

This is the first season I've ever watched So You Think You Can Dance. It seems to take me awhile to get into Simon Fuller shows. I didn't start watching American Idol until the 3rd season, and I think this might even be the 3rd season of So You Think You Can Dance. But as I've been watching it I really am pretty amazed at how talented the dancers are. Some of the choreography is a bit beyond my comprehension, especially when it's modern dance, or interpretive dance, I just don't get it. But it's amazing how difficult these dances are and how easy they make them look. So overall I'm feeling this show.

What I'm not feeling is freaking annoying Mary "Horse Mouth" Murphy!! I know she's got quite the dance history blah blah blah but holy HELL is she annoying! So incredibly annoying. The annoyance level I feel for her is way beyond any of what I feel for Paula on American Idol. I've yelled at the TV more times than I can remember for Paula to just shut up!!! Of course she never listens, but I still yell at her, and Mary Murphy is way beyond that. I'm afraid of her teeth for one, they just go on forever, and it seems at any given moment she could reach over, grab a dancer, and chew their head right off. So the teeth thing is scary, but her screaming, her laugh, her overall being is just so annoying! Everytime she speaks I want to poke sharpened bamboo shards under my fingernails. That is how much I can't stand her. She's almost enough to make me stop watching the show and it's only been 2 weeks into the top 20.

I found a montage of her craziness and although I can't post it in here, I'll link you to it. so Click Here to see her crazy antics.

So my humble request to Simon Fuller and the producers of So You Think You Can Dance is to get Mary's input on each performance via a locked (possbily padded) room and a TTD phone set up and she can phone in her opinions.


Tara said...

You're funny. I haven't seen her, but I can only imagine! I'm just glad you're blogging... ;)

Sarah Beth??? said...

Tara when are YOU going to blog! You're already showing signs of blogular atrophy! (see Aug 07 archives)