Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Spring. Finally!

I'm so glad it is finally warming up! I'm actually wearing capri's today for the first time in months. We swapped out our winter for summer clothes a couple weekends ago so I have shorts and capri's in stock. But still glad I held onto some of my sweaters cause we had snow last week. Very possibly the longest winter I've ever dealt with where we had snow on a consistent week after week basis. Yes, it would snow on Sun/Mon and be gone by Thurs/Fri but still it would turn around and snow again! In April! But I think we're on the end of that. Now I'm looking forward to the trees budding and seeing all the green again. That will make for some nice scenary.

Yay Spring!

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Tara said...

Well, I must say that over night April 25-26 it snowed and blew all night long in Minneaplois. Then we drove to Fargo via I-94 and encountered a terribly winter storm. The road closed three times, I drove about 40 MPH and a drive that should have taken like four or so hours took over 10!!!!!!! That's spring in Minnesota for ya, I'm guess!!!!!!!! Sorry we missed you. Hope you're enjoying those capris!!