Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy TDay

So Dave and I are sitting at the airport waiting to go to Utah. We're going to have T day dinner with my dad's side of the family, probably see a little bit of my mom's side and hopefully my niece and nephews. The youngest boy just got chicken pox (or something along those lines, the doctors aren't sure) so we may not be able to see them. Then we'll be hanging out a little bit in Utah, probably play some games with the family, watch movies, etc. Then Sat we're heading up to Pocatello, ID where I went to college, to see some of my college friends and have some good ol' Poky food. I'm super excited about Mandarin House (love their mandarin chicken) and Goody's (pizza bombs!!!) and just all around some good food that is only available in Poky. And of course I'm excited about seeing my friends. One of the group might not be able to make it up, so hopefully we'll see her on the flipside back in Utah.

Anyway, I'm excited about this trip. I've been looking forward to it for a little while and now we're here at the airport. It was really fast getting through security. I was surpirsed! We got there around 7:40 and we were at the gate by 8. Amazing, considering this is a heavy travel day!! Hopefully no delays from here on out, and we'll continue with our great Tday traveling experience!!

And re the Tday dinner, I'm way excited for pineapple bavarian. Yay for pineapple bavarian, a dessert dish my aunt Louise makes every year. It's so yummy!!!!


Tara said...

And I'M excited to see YOU!!!!! Git yer butt on up here!!!

Love your redneck friend,
Tara Van

Michelle said...

I love Thanksgiving. I hope that you had a good time and everything lived up to your expectations - hopefully they haven't changed any recipes at Mandarin House.

Thanksgiving was kind of weird for me this year. I'm used to spending it around TONS of family and this year it was just me, Greg, Doug and their parents. But Greg's mom and I won at Trivial Pursuit. So that was pretty cool.

When I typed "Greg's mom" I thought in my head "Greg's mom goes to college." Good times.