Monday, July 16, 2007

Would You Like A Cherry Squishie?

So I know this is going to sound silly, but I'm excited to see the Simpsons movie. And speaking of movies, I've seen a few lately and would like to take this time to comment on one of them now... Mr. Brooks - FREAKING LOVED IT!!!! I saw it a few weeks ago, and it was a freebie 2nd movie... meaning we paid the full matinee price (we're frugal movie goers) and snuck into the second movie. We typically only go to a movie if we can time it to see two. Anyway, back to the movie review. I was wary of it going into it, because A. I don't like a lot of blood and gore and it was about a serial killer 2. Dane Cook was in it, and although I like Dane as a comedy actor (I really liked him in Employee of the Month) I didn't know if he would make a good serious actor (i.e. Jim Carey syndrome). So I went into it a little unsure. And I walked out just floored by how good it was. Out of 5 stars I'm giving this a 5.125 because holy cow was this movie great. So without getting too much into the plot or giving too much away, here are the main things that I really liked about the movie, and once you see the movie, these will make more sense:
- I loved the fact that they used a separate actor completely, William Hurt, to play Kevin Costners murderous and crazy fun loving serial killer alter ego, Marshall. I loved their interaction. The fact that they would talk to each other throughout the entire movie and it was all in Kevin Costner's head was great. I thought that was much better than Kevin Costner talking to himself, or looking at himself in the mirror and seeing himself. In this case he'd look in the mirror to talk to William Hurt in the back seat. And in once scene they are in the car, and William Hurt is in the backseat, and Kevin Coster looks over his shoulder and William Hurt looks over his at the same time. And then they turn back to the front at the same time. Simple, I know, but very effective.
- I loved that this was not a baseball movie. Darn you Kevin Coster for making so many baseball movies!
- I really liked Danielle Panabaker as Kevin Costner's daughter. She was great in this role. I far cry from Sky High.
- I really liked Dane Cook, to my surprise, as a voyeuristic neighbor who takes pictures of his very open with their sex life neighbors and catches Kevin Costner in the act of killing the nymphos. Which, kind of ironically, was going to be his last murder. But he basically blackmails Kevin Costner into taking him along on another murder. Anyway, I didn't think I would like him in a serious role, but he brought enough dry humor into it that it surprised me and I liked him in it very much!
- I really liked that it wasn't too bloody and gory and serial killerish with the blood and the gore.
- I really loved the ending. I won't spoil that for you, but I thought it was freaking awesome.

Anyway, this movie review has now taken up more of my time than I anticipated and I'm tired. So I'm going to bed now.
But I would highly suggest Mr. Brooks.

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