Thursday, December 07, 2006


was a blast! We flew in to SLC Thurs morning and came back Tues morning. In that time we ate good food, met a TV star, hung out with my nieces and nephews and sister and parents, got to introduce Dave to more family and some college friends, and it was just a lot of fun.

We saw David Boreanaz AKA Angel, at the car rental return when we were picking up our car. I just couldn't decide if that was really him or not and while I was trying to make up my mind, he was unpacking his car. By the time I finally decided it really was him, he was on his way back to the terminal, but I made Dave go over and talk to him. But he didn't want to do autographs, cause he had to catch a flight with his dog, and he probably just didn't want to be bothered. But he wasn't rude, so that was cool.

But anyway, here are some of the pictures from our trip. I'm going to try to do this all in order...

My baby with my cousins baby.

This is the view from my aunt's house in Riverton, UT

This is in Provo, near BYU. There's a great view from the mountain.

These are some views of Pocatello, where I had lived for 5 years.

This is at my old campus, Idaho State University.

This is in Pocatello when we were on our way back to UT. It started snowing that afternoon. Our first snow this year was in Idaho.

And this is in Orem having dinner with one of my good college friends Tiffany.

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Michelle said...

GREAT pics. I'm so jealous that you saw David Boreanaz. I think I would pee myself a little if I ever saw a Buffyverse actor in real life.